Chukar Cherries

Fresh Flavors of the Pacific Northwest

From wedding favors to gifts, Chukar Cherries is your go-to source for exceptional Pacific Northwest foods and gifts crafted by hand using cherries grown right here in the Yakima Valley. Chukar cherries has mastered the art of drying fresh cherries without added sugar or preservatives. In addition to luscious dried cherries, they offer an impressive array of chocolate covered dried cherries and a wide variety of dried fruit and nuts, pie fillings, preserves, sauces, salsas, baked goods, popcorn and more! Check out their gift packs and crates featuring a variety of products.

320 Wine Country Road

Prosser, WA 99350

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Wine Country

Yakima Valley Wine Country

As the Yakima Valley's viticulture has matured over the last three decades, our winemakers are some of the most respected in the Northwest. With over 120 wineries and five AVA's in just 70 miles, wine tasting in the Yakima Valley is a rewarding and unique experience.

Hops & Beer

Yakima Valley Hops and Brews

The volcanic soil and long, hot days makes the Yakima Valley the ideal place to grow hops. We proudly produce over 75% of our nation's hops, which means there wouldn't be craft beer without our farmers! When you come to the Yakima Valley, you come to the source!

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